Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take the time to tell you about the new “Beautify while typing” feature for C++ and Objective-C that we added to SlickEdit 2012 (v17.0.2). This feature is off by default, which means many users won’t ever know this valuable feature exists. If you are editing C++ or Objective-C, I highly recommend you turn it on. I have this turned on by default and love it. Previously, my code was indented properly thanks to SlickEdit but I avoided putting in any extra spacing simply because it was too much manual work. This made my code less readable. Now I let SlickEdit beautify my code when I type a semicolon, open brace, or close brace.

Here is a quick sample clip of this feature:

To turn on this feature:

  • Edit a C++ or Objective-C file
  • Turn on Document>(C++/Objective-C) Options>General>Beautify while typing
  • Press OK
  • You can also turn on Document>(C++/Objective-C) Options>General>Beautify on paste or drag drop

It’s a good idea to create a beautifier profile customized in the style your company/project desires. Edit a C++ or Objective-C file and go to (Tools>Beautify>Options) to create and customize your own profile. The “Edit…” button allows you to modify the profile settings.

I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I do.

I welcome your thoughts on this exciting new feature in the SlickEdit Community Forums at http://community.slickedit.com