SlickEdit supports several C, C++, and Java compilers out-of-the-box, and will attempt to locate your installed compilers at startup. For other languages, or for those cases where a compiler is not detected, you can configure SlickEdit to add support for the compiler. This video tutorial demonstrates how to configure support for the NQC (Not Quite C) compiler.

If you prefer to watch the videos directly on our YouTube channel, click here.

Video One

  • Creating a new compiler configuration
  • Specifying a compiler configuration header file
  • Tagging the compiler header directories

Video Two

  • Creating a starter project
  • Configuring the project to use a different compiler
  • Modifying build/compile commands
  • Adding new source files to the project

Video Three

  • Customizing SlickEdit’s error parsing to detect error messages in the build output
  • Using the Regex Evaluator to create and test a regular expression