The problem of retiring mainframe developers has been well publicized in recent years. Mainframe systems are not going anywhere, and programmers now expect to be working within the comforts of a modern IDE, rather than on a simple terminal. Eclipse-based front ends have become great solutions for this new generation of programmers working on mainframe systems.

Since the Eclipse IDE has become so popular for mainframe developers, we have been dedicating more and more resources to our mainframe language support. The SlickEdit editor is even now integrated into the Compuware Workbench:

Supports a vast array of programming languages for source code editing, powered by SlickEdit.

PL/I is one of the mainframe languages that got a major support upgrade in the newly released SlickEdit Core v3.7.1. The SlickEdit editor now has full support for parsing structures, includes, and even statement level tagging for PL/I code.

SlickEdit Core also has great support for COBOL, JCL, REXX, and other languages. If you are a mainframe developer coding in an Eclipse-based environment, try out the latest version of the SlickEdit Core plugin for free.