Lately we’ve really taken the time to notice the great macros that our users have posted around the web and we think that a contest is an excellent way to reward your efforts. It also gives us a chance to encourage you to write your best macros and to actively share them with the SlickEdit community.

The winner will receive an iPad 2 valued at $499 (he/she may opt to receive a visa gift card of equal value instead).

So, what are we looking for? In an attempt to not limit your creativity and critical thinking, we are keeping this as open-ended as possible. The winning submission will stand out from the rest. Maybe it does something really neat and creative, or it solves a widespread problem with just one line of code. Your submission doesn’t have to be long or short, but it has to wow us in order to win the iPad!

You can enter now through October 31, 2011, so there is plenty of time to put your best macro together and submit it for your chance to win! Click here for contest rules and how to enter.