Look at this. It’s worthless – ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take it, I bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it becomes priceless. Men will kill for it. Men like you and me.
– René Belloq, Raiders of the Lost Ark


Whether it be changing jobs, moving to a new house or office, or simply cleaning out clutter, every so often I find myself sorting through the bits of technology-related junk I’ve accumulated over the years. There’s a fair amount of trade show goodies, some of them entirely too cool or valuable to part with. The bulk of it is reluctantly thrown away, including stress-relief squeezy things, can coolers, light up pens that no longer light, and the like. But there are items that always survive the cut, ones that have some sentimentality attached to them.

Professional Developers Conference 2000 pen

I cannot believe this thing still writes after 11 years. It has lived in the glove box of the three different cars I’ve owned since 2000. This was the PDC where Microsoft formally introduced the .NET platform to the masses. I vividly recall the stunned looks on thousands of keynote attendees as they realized all their Win32 mastery was just rendered obsolete. The pen has actually outlasted several .NET technologies introduced at the conference. I’ve got one from the 2003 PDC ready to go once this one runs out of ink.

Cyrix x86 processor

A leftover from my system building days. It was the first real ultra-cheap x86 alternative, and prompted Intel to develop the Celeron line. I placed this in a slapped-together spare parts budget computer (running Windows 95) that I assembled for my wife’s grandparents. Cyrix as a company didn’t last long, but this chip powered that system for over a decade. Now that the grandparents are gone, I can’t bear to toss this hunk of silicon junk.

NeXT Step poster

I got this gem in a trade with my wife’s uncle, a sysadmin, for a Windows Server 2000 license. It’s a panorama of the first generation NeXT system, replete with all black computer, keyboard, monitor, and printer. I’ve been meaning to put it up on my office wall, but I can’t bring myself to stick pins through it, and I can’t justify the cash it would take to frame it.

Do you have anything like this that you can’t seem to part with? Please share by leaving a reply!