Greg Christopher of VMware has written an article for Hey, Check Out My Slick New Editor!

In the article he discussing some of his favorite features of SlickEdit and why SlickEdit is his code editor of choice for programming.

On objections on switching editors

If your current editor works well enough for you, why switch? The answer depends on how you define “well enough.” Your current editor probably handles every editing command you think you need now, but consider the possibility that something could make you far more productive. You’ll see a few examples in a moment, but first, here are some of the reasons you might decide not to switch editors.

Regular Expression Search and Replace

This isn’t an exclusive SlickEdit feature, some other editors have it too; but if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience regular expression searches, you should really consider switching to an editor that supports the feature.

Macro Record/Playback

SlickEdit carries out many of its commands through its slick-C programming language (note that both Brief and Emacs have their own languages as well). SlickEdit lets you write your own macros, or do a simple record / playback. This comes in handy when the syntax for find and replace gets too dicey.

Other Features

As you might imagine, because SlickEdit’s been around for 20 years, this article just scratches the surface.

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