I ran across a great blog the other day “SlickEdit Macros for Everybody“.  The blog is written by David Hicks, a self-proclaimed SlickEdit devotee, who enjoys “Squeezing as much functionality as possible out of his editor of choice.” He created the site because he likes working with Slick-C and felt there was not enough Slick-C code on the web.

Slick-C is a macro programming language upon which the SlickEdit code editor is based.  Slick-C allows developers to modify the look and feel of the editor, write macros to perform custom operations, add new language support, and essentially extend the editor’s functionality until it is completely customized according to your preferences.

From his first post:

Here you’ll find Slick-C macros of all kinds, from overly simple to fairly complex. I’m a writer/editor/journalist by trade, not a professional developer. Slick-C programmers should find something 0f interest here, including plenty of code that can be tweaked or fixed.

The purpose of this blog is to address the shortage of Slick-C code on the Web, while stimulating discussion and encouraging code sharing.

I’ve used Slickedit in my daily work since approximately 1998. Currently I have 388 _command macros in my vusrmacs.e file. I’m sure there are other Slickedit users whose macro folders are wishing to burst free and benefit the larger community.

My professional roles are technical writer; editor and researcher of print and electronic publications; desktop publisher; journalist. My programming experience has generally been limited to high-level scripting languages. I’ve spent a lot of time using numerous text editors and macro languages. Of the two kinds of Slickedit users named in the subtitle of this blog, I’m a Wordsmith rather than a Code Maven.