To quote Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror fame:

“I don’t care if you suck at writing. I don’t care if nobody reads your blog. I don’t care if you have nothing interesting to say. If you can demonstrate a willingness to write, and a desire to keep continually improving your writing, you will eventually be successful.”

How this applies to us

We began blogging at SlickEdit a little over a year ago. Not written by a single person, the blog is a group effort authored by the dev and support teams. Our goal for the blog was to better connect with the developer community at large and to become an active participant in online discussions . The ‘Hello World’ blog gave us the perfect platform to share our thoughts, opinions, and expertise on a myriad of technical issues.

From software management and best practices to managing the first days on the job, the SlickEdit team has shared their thoughts, tips, real world experiences, and genuine joy of coding with the online community. I am very happy to say that the blog has been a huge success. With hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 176 countries and territories, the SlickEdit blog has outperformed our wildest expectations.

What has been really exciting are the hundreds of comments we have received on the blog, as well as link backs, that have really allowed us to connect and interact with the online community – the whole purpose of the blog to begin with. On the social media side, we have been Dugg, Reditted, StumbledUpon, Dzoned, DotNetKicked, Delicioused, Hacker Newsed, etc… more times than I can count. Exciting stuff and we can’t thank you enough.

Just in case you have missed any posts, here are a samples from each month since we began the blog.

Visit the blog archives for a complete list of all posts :

April 2007

Is Your Editor Working Hard Enough?

May 2007

Top Ten Reasons NOT to use SlickEdit

June 2007

Learning to Fly: The Musings of a New SlickEdit Employee

July 2007

Programming Language Wars

August 2007

SlickEdit 2007 For Windows Development

September 2007

Creating a PHP 5 Extension with Visual C++ 2005

October 2007

Comfort, Habits and Ruts in Software Development

November 2007

C# with SlickEdit : No Visual Studio Required

December 2007

Classical in a Digital Age

January 2008

My Programming New Year’s Resolution

February 2008

Plug-in Extensibility Through Reflection in .Net and Java

March 2008

Software Schedules and the Parable of the Loaf of Bread

April 2008

BASIC and the Rubik’s Cube

May 2008

Tutorial: Adding Language Support to SlickEdit

June 2008

“Management” is a Dirty Word


Complete list of all posts for SlickEdit