Many CodeWright® orphans were created when Borland® announced that they would no longer develop or support CodeWright. It’s a sad sight, these poor urchins wandering the streets in search of support. “Pardon me, sir, but could you spare a bug fix?” SlickEdit® offers a solution for those who want a powerful code editor that is actively being developed and supported.

While no editor can offer the exact same set of capabilities as another, SlickEdit provides more of the powerful editing features that CodeWright users are accustomed to than any other editor…and some that CodeWright users never had before, like Comment Wrapping, Backup History, and the Regular Expression Evaluator.
No programmer relishes the thought of switching editors. After using an editor for years, the key sequences and operations become second nature. To ease this migration, SlickEdit offers a CodeWright emulation that uses the same key bindings for common operations and provides default behaviors familiar to CodeWright users. This makes you productive right away on SlickEdit.

A PDF of the CodeWright emulation is available at

SlickEdit also provides a utility that converts CodeWright workspaces and projects into SlickEdit workspaces and projects. Each CodeWright .psp file is converted to a corresponding SlickEdit .vpw file. Likewise, the CodeWright .pjt files are converted to SlickEdit .vpj files. While this utility doesn’t convert all commands or options, it does save a lot of time setting up the project structure in SlickEdit. The CodeWright project converter is implemented as a Slick-C macro file.

To download it, go to

Follow these instructions to load the file:
1. Save the file to any directory.
2. Open SlickEdit.
3. Select Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix.
4. Navigate to the saved zip file, select it, and click OK.

Once loaded, you run the converter by selecting Project > Open Other Project > Convert CodeWright Project. Or you can run it from the SlickEdit command line. Press F9 (in the CodeWright emulation) to bring up the SlickEdit command line. Type: convert_cw_project –oThen press Enter. The ‘o’ option tells the converter to open the newly converted workspace. CodeWright users, you have a new home!

Visit to download a free trial today!